DMV Forms

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DMV Select Customer Form

To give to a Select customer in the event of system issue preventing transaction.  Waives $5 fee for using CSC.


DMV Select's Order Form

[ASA 10A]

Use this form to order any of the listed stock or print-on-demand (POD) items from DMV.


Plate/Decal Transfer Form

[ASA 42]

Use this form to transfer plates and/or decals from one office to another.


Decal & Miscellaneous Order Form

[VSA 32DC]

Use this form to order decals, VIN plates and VSA 25 receipts.


License Plate Order Form

[VSA 32LP]

Use this form to order license plates.


Odometer Discrepancy Acknowledgment

[VSA 11]

Vehicle owners use this form to acknowledge that the odometer information on their vehicle title certificate is branded "NOT ACTUAL".


Logon ID Request

[US 002]

DMV customers use this form to request new user access or delete existing user access to the Extranet or MoveIt system. Customers can also request to change a current user's last name or reassign a current user's identification and token to a new user.


Records Transfer to Dead Storage

[ASA 12]

Use this form to track the chain of custody (transfer, pick-up, release and receipt) of records scheduled for Dead Storage and/or Destruction.


Document Imaging Service Order

[CRD 100]

Use this ONLINE form to route prepared daily work for document imaging.


Quality Review Discrepancy Summary

[CSMA 40]

This form is used to record discrepancies found in the daily work during document preparation.


Law Enforcement Action Report

[LE 019]

This form is for the Select Offices to report items to DMV's Law Enforcement.


Chain of Custody Record

[LE 026]

This form is for the Select Offices to document evidence collected.


General Complaint

[LE 022]

This form is for customers to make complaints to DMV's Law Enforcement.



DMV Select's Visitor Sign-in Register

[CSMA 74]

Use this form to record office visitors.


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